Your Mood – Your Choice


Sad Follower: “That unskilled leader ruined my mood for the rest of the week.”

El Perro Milonguero: “YOU are the ONLY person who is in charge of YOUR mood… I am so sorry you chose to be in a bad mood this week. 😦 Have a cup of tea and come to our table!!! :):):)”


Have you ever left milonga in a bad mood? Why? What could be done to improve your mood?


4 thoughts on “Your Mood – Your Choice

  1. Hi there, Sunny Brook friend! Thanks a bunch for choosing to leave such thoughtful and detailed comments for El Perro!

    Hope the gloomy Toronto weather didn’t let you down too much today! Sociopathology is a quite complicated diagnosis which probably shouldn’t be used colloquial too much. But you’re definitely right – it’s completely unacceptable to cause someone any ‘bodily injury’ :(:(:(

    Hopefully no one gets physically assaulted at milongas……. or if they do – that’s the topic of a much more serious discussion 😦 Milonga should definitely be a very positive social activity!

    Speaking of El Perro’s friends – stay tuned for new characters in a couple of weeks! :):)


    1. Hi there, friend from Sunny Brook !
      Thanks again for leaving detailed comments for El Perro yesterday and for
      providing so many ideas for the new comics! I really appreciate it!

      You’ve requested that I hide the comments you’ve posted. As much as I
      would like to showcase your comments and to respond to them (my policy is
      to respond to all comments, plus it is clear that you’ve put effort and
      time into composing them), I respect your wish completely. I’ve made them
      invisible to anyone other than myself now. If there’s anything I forgot to
      hide please let me know.
      I’m afraid I may not know you in person, but if you see me at an event
      don’t be a stranger!

      It would be great to hear more of your ideas and perspectives. If you ever
      wish to share your thoughts, or you have some ideas of what you would like
      to be made into a comic – please let me know (on the blog or by email, or
      feel free to add me on facebook – looks like you know how to find me there already)

      Have a great day!

      P.S. I tried to send this message by the email address that showed up in your info, but somehow it bounced back. I’ll remove this message in a bit as well… I just wanted to make sure that you know I acted upon your request and removed your texts.


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