Phenomenal Memory


Leader Who Remembers Everything: “That follower refused to dance with me 65 years ago. I will NEVER attempt to ask her to dance again!!!”

El Perro Milonguero: “WOW! I wish all of us wщгдв keep such sharp memory at THAT age!”


Have you ever gave up on asking someone to dance just because they refused once? Any reasons why?


Excuses Excuses


The Exhausted Follower: “I was free that evening, but I did not come to practica because no one I knew was planning to go.”

El Perro Milonguero: “May I suggest that you use a more creative excuse next time, please :):):). Or just be honest and tell us that you were too exhausted after work. Please, take care of yourself and come next time! :)”


We have multiple jobs, busy schedules and it’s hard to make time for practicas. Do you make any excuses when you miss milongas or practicas?

Wasted Talent


The Forensically Talented Follower: “So… I will try to dance with that leader while his girlfriend is sitting out a tanda, and then she’ll thing that ….. …. …. , and he’ll think that ….. ….. ….., and the rest of the people will think that …. …. ….”

El Perro Milonguero: “WOW! These derivations rather belong to a forensics department! Please relax and enjoy the dance!”


Have you ever found yourself overthinking everything at a milonga?

No ‘Levels’


Conservative leader: “All the followers here are below my level. I am going to just sit here with a grumpy face for the entire milonga.”

El Perro Milonguero: “Tango is NOT a video game. There are no ‘levels’. Please, smile and challenge yourself to dance with someone who has just started learning :).


Have you ever felt grumpy at a milonga? What did you do to improve your mood?

Put Your Skills to Use!


Indecisive Follower: “El Perro, how do I determine if I should agree to dance with a leader who invited me?”

El Perro Milonguero: “Are you at a milonga?”

Indecisive Follower: “Yes.”

El Perro Molonguero: “Are you in pain or not feeling well?”

Indecisive Follower: “No.”

El Perro Milonguero: “Then you should dance and PUT YOUR SKILLS TO USE! :)”


Do you have any criteria by which you determine who to dance with or when to dance?


Bursting the Bubble


Shy Leader: “I’m scared that if I make a mistake everyone will notice.”

El Perro Milonguero: “I hate to break your bubble, buddy, but look at this crowded dance floor. No one will notice and no one will care.”


Do you ever worry about making mistakes on the dance floor? Do you care? How do you overcome your anxiety? Share your thoughts and El Perro would love to help put!